Title > Poetic Unconversations [A performance by Rui Torres using the software 'Poemario' by Nuno F. Ferreira, as well as many programmed combinatory texts]

Description > Playing with the famous acronym WYSIWYG, one could characterize this work of un-collaborative electronic literature as WYSINWTOG: What You Say Is Not What The Other Gets. This set of programmed poems, specifically translated to the English language for this performance, is indeed meant to be read simultaneously by multiple readers, using computers located in the same shared space and network. And thus these combinatory texts inhabit a simulated and navigable space in which the reading becomes immersive and interactive. What a reader reads transforms the text that other readers are reading. What do we share when we collaborate within a circuit of electronic inscription? What do we inscribe as identity when we share electronic mediations?

Part of > Code 157 {} The 2014 Digital Arena Electronic Literature Series. Org. University of Bergen, Electronic Literature Research Group & Digital Culture, in collaboration with the Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek. March 4 - June 10, 2014.

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