HATHERLY, A. (2014). [Prelude 1] - The H2 Robot Poet. In: TORRES, R. & BALDWIN, S., orgs. PO.EX: Essays from Portugal on Cyberliterature and Intermedia by Pedro Barbosa, Ana Hatherly, and E. M. de Melo e Castro. COMPUTING LITERATURE; Center for Literary Computing; West Virginia University Press. p. 1-4. ISBN-13: 978-1-938228-74-2 (pb); 978-1-938228-76-6 (elec); 978-1-938228-75-9 (pdf). Disponível em < http://po-ex.net/taxonomia/transtextualidades/metatextualidades-alografas/po-ex-essays-from-portugal-on-cyberliterature-and-intermedia-by-pedro-barbosa-ana-hatherly-and-e-m-de-melo-e-castro >

Ana Hatherly, “O poeta robot H2” (from Um calculador de improbabilidades, 2001, [originally published in Sigma, 1965], pp. 58-60). Translation by Isabel Basto.

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